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Yasuni Travel is a tour operator based on Quito, Ecuador.  

About Ecuador

Ecuador is located in the Pacific Coast of South America in the equatorial line (middle of the world).


In Ecuador, the east of the Andes falls into this vast, exuberant ecosystem. Locally the Amazonia is called El Oriente, as it lies on the Eastern side of the country. While the Amazonia occupies almost half of Ecuador’s territory, it is home to less than five percent of the country’s population.


Galapagos is located almost 620 miles from the Ecuadorian coast. It has 13 main islands and dozens of islets and minor volcanic islands. Galapagos features one of the most important national parks in the world. The capital of the Galapagos Islands, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, is located on San Cristobal Island.


The Ecuadorian Andes are the only site on the planet where the Equatorial Line crosses over highlands.Alexander Humboldt journeyed the Ecuadorian Andes and its valleys in 1802, naming them “The Avenue of the Volcanoes”.


Beautiful beaches are found all along the Ecuadorian Pacific coast. Alongside ports, fishing villages, and modern cities, dense protected forests grow with their gigantic and moist terracotta roots. The tallest mangroves in the world (64 meters / 194 feet) are found in the Majagual Forest in the Cayapas-Mataje Ecological Reserve.

Our Tours

Yasuni Travel offer a variety of tours to the Galapagos Island (vessels and land), Andes (old Town Quito, inside the country), Amazon (the rain forest, bird watching, kayaking) and Cost (virgin islands, luxury accomodations and more).

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Quito - Ecuador

YASUNI TRAVEL is an Ecuadorian Tour Operator. We are looking forward to offering you the best services in hotels, guides, and specialized tourism. Keeping in mind the natural diversity of our country, we have designed specialized tours that will allow you to enjoy Ecuador and its regions: Amazon Jungle, Andes Highlands, Pacific Coast and the Galapagos Islands. We have tailored photography tours guided by photographers of international stature. We also have tours that will take you to experience centuries-old traditional festivals and/or engage in adventure like Amazon jungle expeditions, Andes tours, Coast tours, kayaking tours, mountain biking tours, horseback riding tours, river-rafting tours, bird watching tours, diving tours, trekking tours, climbing tours, slow travel, incentive travel and Cruises tours to Galapagos Islands.

Our photography tours were designed to offer the best opportunities in Ecuador with world-class photographers as tour leaders. We work with different photographers depending on their field of expertise. With their guidance you will be assured of an intimate experience with nature, people, and closer encounters with wildlife.

The Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest is considered one of the richest and most complex plant and animal habitats in the world. Our programs offer a broad spectrum of jungle excursions from "luxury" lodges to expeditions in tents. You can find many different species of exotic animals such as crocodiles, river turtles, pink dolphins, monkeys and a diversity of birds like macaws, toucans, hoatzins and many others, which present themselves frankly for bird watching.

Discover snow covered volcanoes, green valleys and white water rivers; clouded forests and paramo plateaus filled with wildlife; old villages, ancient trails, some dating to pre-Inca times, await for you. We offer customize tours through the Andes. We also have tours that will take you to experience centuries old traditional festivals.

Beaches to suite your taste, from the most often visited, full of sport activities such as surfing, diving, snorkeling, to the ones either protected or hidden where you will marvel at their extraordinary beauty. Between the months of July and September one of the preferred activities is the observation of the Humpback Whales that swim up from the Antarctic to mate or give birth to their young.

The Galapagos Islands are an amazing place to travel, explore & experience the unique animal world. We offer tours on motor yachts, sailing yachts & cruise ships. The Galapagos Islands form the most diverse and complex Archipelago in the world, in which the conditions remain relatively untouched. Visitors will never forget this experience with nature.

We offer trekking tours through the Andean highlands. Ecuador´s mountains offer an extraordinary range of challenges to climbers and for adventurous people. We offer mountain biking tours from the Andes to deep regions of the Amazon jungle and along the warm pacific coast. White water rafting tours in Ecuador are a unique experience and at the same time an exciting adventure. Warm water, tropical rainforest and dozens of accessible rivers concentrated in such a small area have made this adventure in Ecuador, a unique place for rafters and Kayakers. The diving sites of the Galápagos Islands belong to the best of South America and even the whole world.


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